About Us

Designed to educate and change the conventional method of learning

BE platform works on a constantly innovating and interactive fundamental to meet the needs of Students, Employers, and the Globally Society. It is also a dynamic and multicultural community that focuses more on Africa online learning needs and we intend to educate, inspire students to acquire knowledge and keep making continuous education their paramount focus.

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Convenient studies, where students can plan studies around their schedules, anywhere

BE is designed to educate and change the conventional method of learning into a blended and more Interactive Online Learning.With our interest in facilitating convenient studies, where students can plan studies around their schedules, anywhere while still availing themselves an impeccable study experiences with our partner institutions and making sure the students are still having almost the same experiences as the usual face-to face (Classroom) experience.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Providing World-class online learning “Education” together with practical experiences and international exposure, to enhance the optimum experience and to create substantial learning access, Internships, for a better job or great future to all our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable online and blended learning opportunities to African and Middle-east students and make it even more accessible.


Beyond Education

Lifelong online learning with 'BE'

Knowledge Appetite

Led by industry experts, BE equips you with the skills sought by leading employers around the world.

Study From Anywhere

Geographical location is no longer a barrier. You can attain the knowledge entirely online while travelling or working.

Networking Opportunity

You will have access to the expertise of successful business leaders and fellow professionals, as well as networking events.

Fit Your Study Around Your Schedule

No more juggling work or family commitments because of your academic obligations. You can access our online platform anytime, anywhere to make an better environment.

Career Development Support

We offer career training and advice service, helping you match your traits and qualifications with those sought by employers, when you register with us.